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Wood Sheds

All prices include these quality features:

  • All buildings 10' x 10' and larger will have 4 x 4 pressure treated skids. Buildings smaller will have a patio block foundation. 
  • One double door (50" opening) with heavy duty security latch.
  • One double hung window
  • One loft for extra storage space
  • Choice of COLOR for roof shingles
  • One 4' ridge vent
  • Built on your property

Extra Features you can add click HERE.

Pre-primed wood sheds are constructed with:

  • Floor:  2x6 PT wood floor joists 16" on center with 5/8" CDX plywood deck
  • Walls:  2x4 KD studs 16"on center at 7' height
  • Siding:  pre-primed wood siding (which comes with a 50 yr warrantee).
  • Roof:  2x4 KD rafters 16" on center with 7/16" OSB roof sheathing with 25 year fiberglass/asphalt shingles in your choice of color and aluminum drip edge.
  • Trim:  1x4 pine corner boards, 1x6 facer boards and 1x6 rake boards for gable ends.

For on site preparation: 

Customers are responsible for getting their own building permit.

The ground must be leveled to within 6" and there must be a 3' clearance where the shed will be built.  If the site is not level, the customer might need to pay additional fees for rescheduling the construction of the shed.


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